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The Annual Pumpkin Parade is Here!

The Annual Pumpkin Parade is Here!
Rebecca Potash

Rowayton Elementary School

October 29, 2023

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What You Need to Know for Rowayton's Annual Pumpkin Parade

Pumpkin Parade: The parade will begin at 2:15 on Tuesday, October 31 on our school field. Grade levels will take turns marching around the field starting with Grade 5. Families are encouraged to gather around the field for viewing.


Early Pick Up: We always encourage that our students complete a full day of school. If you need to pick up your child immediately following the event, please use the guidelines below.

Use Pick Up Patrol to record that your child will be dismissing early from the Pumpkin Parade and identify the name of the pick-up person. Edit the pick-up to early dismissal. This information must be entered by Monday night. Late or incorrect entries may not be honored at the event. Students who have been identified for early dismissal from the event will bring their belongings out to the field and be ready to be dismissed.

Dismissing by classroom teacher: Kindergarten, Grade 2, Grade 4, and Grade 5 Please locate your child’s classroom teacher for sign out. Be prepared to show your ID.


Dismissing by support staff: Grade 1 and Grade 3 Please locate the staff member holding a clipboard for your child’s grade level. Be prepared to show you ID. After sign out, the staff will provide the pick-up person with a ticket to be presented to the teacher. The student can only be dismissed from the teacher if a ticket is provided.



Parents with siblings must sign each student out from their grade level. If the early dismissal is not noted in PUP, the pick-up person is different than the name entered in PUP, or the pick-up person does not have an ID, you will be asked to report to the main office for assistance with dismissal. Students will not be dismissed from the office until the event is over and all classes have returned inside. We appreciate your support in ensuring a safe dismissal for our students.



Fundraiser: Fifth grade parents will be hosting a fundraiser following the parade. Please see details in the flyer.


Costumes: The PTA arranges a costume donation each year to provide costumes for students in need. If you do not want your child to wear or receive a costume, please be sure to tell your child’s classroom teacher.

Wearing a Costume to School: Please make sure that costumes worn to school allow students to participate in the regular school day (including recess, lunch, and using the bathroom). Any accessories or costume masks should be kept in backpacks or bags until it is time for the parade.

Bringing a Costume to School: Students may wear clothing that will fit under their costume and bring the costume to school. We are asking that students be prepared to independently put on their costumes over their clothing. Costumes should be labeled and packed in backpacks or bags.

Wearing Fall Themed Attire: Students may come to school dressed in orange and black or any fall inspired attire. Students may wear these outfits for the parade, costumes are not required.

Costume Guidelines: Please avoid very scary masks or costumes that may frighten young children. We want this day to be enjoyable for all of our students. Please do not send children to school with any accessories that resemble a weapon.


*Kindergarten parents will receive a separate communication from your child’s teacher regarding costume guidelines for that day

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A Message from Our PTA

A Message from Our PTA




Our fall fundraiser, the Silent Disco, is around the corner on Friday, November 17th! As part of the silent auction, each grade puts together a themed basket that will be displayed and auctioned off at the event. The baskets consist of a combination of donated and purchased items (ideas below), so we need your help!

1. We need 1 person from each class (4 per grade) to send a note to your class asking for cash donations for the grade basket, COLLECT THE FUNDS and pass them along to your grade purchaser. The total donated for the baskets usually ends up being around $300 but we don't need to cap this.
2. We need a representative from each grade to PURCHASE/GATHER ITEMS for the baskets.
3. We need a representative from each grade to CREATE THE BASKET.

Here is a list of the grade basket themes and some ideas of things you could include (This is not a comprehensive list by any means).

Kindergarten: NERF BASKET: All things NERF!
1st grade: PEACE and PAMPERING: massage, mani/pedi, Core Pilates, Yoga Class, cozy pajamas, Salt Cave
2nd grade: ROWAYTON THEME: Seaside Delights items, Hair cut, barber, RCA, hats, t shirts, car decals, Sails/Seafood/Rowayton Pizza gift cards, etc.
4th grade: YETI: Yeti backpack and/or cooler, Yeti cups/tumblers, hats, coozies, etc

The Pumpkin Parade is next week and we are still in need of a few more helpers for the day of the event.
Please sign-up below! We are also still accepting monetary donations to help purchase the last few costumes we need. As always, thank you for your generosity!

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Thanks to Doran Brothers Moving!

Rowayton School received an amazing donation of a Baby Grand Piano! The Doran Brothers offered their services and moved this piano from its original home to our music room where Miss Londono will use it in her lessons with students. Their care and attention to detail was incredible. If you are in need of help with a move or storage, contact The Doran Brothers at 203-328-9656.

A special shout out to parent Robyn Kammerer for helping connect us with this special addition to our school!

Responsible Student Cell Phone Use

Please see the message below from our Assitant Superintendent of Digital Learning and Innovation. While some of the points below do not pertain to the elementary school setting, it is always important to start teaching our students about technology safety and digital citizenship. Our students should only have cell phones or watches with messaging/calling features for the purpose of communicating with family or childcare providers outside of school hours. Those devices are not to be used in school and should be turned off and stored in backpacks.

As the Assistant Superintendent of Digital Learning and Innovation, I would like to remind you about the responsible use of personal devices, such as cell phones, by students in our school system. It is important that our students understand the ethical guidelines and follow the code of conduct both online and in school.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please refer to Board Policy 5030 - Use of Private Technology Devices by Students. This policy provides detailed information about the use of personal technology devices within our school system.

To ensure a safe and productive learning environment, we encourage students to follow these best practices for responsible use of cell phones in a school setting:

  1. Use during designated times: Students should only use their cell phones during designated times, such as breaks or free periods. Cell phone usage during class time should be limited to educational purposes as directed by the teacher.

  2. Respect privacy: Students should respect the privacy of others and refrain from taking photos, videos, or recordings without explicit permission.

  3. Avoid distractions: Cell phones should not disrupt the learning environment. Students should set their devices to silent mode or turn them off during instructional time.

  4. Be mindful of content: Students should be aware of the content they access or share using their cell phones. It is important to follow appropriate guidelines and avoid sharing inappropriate or harmful material.

  5. Cyberbullying prevention: Students should treat others with respect and kindness both online and offline. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated within our school system.

We believe that responsible use of personal devices can enhance learning opportunities while fostering a safe and respectful environment for all students. By working together, we can ensure that our students develop the necessary skills to navigate the digital world responsibly.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Ralph Valenzisi

Assistant Superintendent of Digital Learning and Innovation

: Board Policy 5030 - Use of Private Technology Devices by Students

Save the Date

October 31: Pumpkin Parade at 2:15

November: Orange Wellness Month

November 7: No School for Students

November 8: Conferences Begin

November 9: 90 minute Early Release for Conferences

November 16: Conference Night