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Arrival and Parking Policy


Arrival and Parking Policy




In order to ensure the safety of all of our students, upon arrival students will enter the school building according to the following policy: Students walking to school may enter the school through either the main front door or the side door. Students arriving by bus will be dropped off in the lower lot and will enter through the MAIN door All visitors must enter through the main door and sign in at the office. Only deliveries will be allowed through the side door.




Parents dropping off should drive their children to the SIDE of the school. Do NOT drop off in the lower lot or behind the school. Please do not park in the lower lot; this is the bus loop. Park in designated spaces only. Cars parked in handicapped spaces without a handicapped permit will be ticketed. It is illegal for individuals without permits to park there. If you are entering the building, please park in the designated areas in the school parking lot and enter the building using the main door and be sure to sign in at the office. For more information, refer to the school’s visitor policy.