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The district employs a full-time nurse to determine the health needs of all students in order to remove health-related barriers to education. The nurse provides emergency care for illnesses or injuries as well as administering first aid and any needed medications ordered by your child’s healthcare provider. The nurse also  maintains health records and performs vision, hearing and scoliosis screening as needed. The nurse is a member of the Special Education team and helps to provide special care to students with special needs and students requiring other services.



For a student to receive any medication, including over the counter medication such as Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, etc. during the school day, there must be a medication form on file signed by a doctor and a parent/guardian. If medications need to be administered in school, parents must contact the school nurse for necessary forms and further information.  The form may also be downloaded from the NPS web site.

Students should not carry any medicine to school.  An adult must hand all medications to the school nurse assigned to that school.  All medications must be brought to school in their original containers. No more than a forty-five (45) school day supply of a medication for a student shall be brought to the school nurse.



Parents must report all cases of communicable diseases (chicken pox, measles, lice, etc.) to the school nurse. For further information, refer to the Health Service rules on the inside back cover of this handbook.   NOTE:  Do not send your child to school with a fever, vomiting, undiagnosed frequent cough or undiagnosed rash of any kind!!! Your child must be without these symptoms for at least 24 hours before returning to school. 


In 2018, Rowayton School considered ways in which we can support good eating habits while our students are in school. The school analyzed the district-wide Health and Wellness policy and made the decision to discontinue the celebration of individual birthdays with cake, ice cream or any food products.  Norwalk Public Schools Wellness Policy. 

How might birthdays be recognized without sweets? Some examples include:

· Parent reads a story to the class

· Class has an extra recess, in honor of the birthday child

· Class has an art project, chosen by the birthday child

· Class plays a game chosen by the birthday child

· Class has a dance party – 15 minutes in class

· Parent creates trivia questions about the birthday child and the class has to guess the answers (a particularly creative idea)

· Birthday child chooses a board game to play in class

· Go Noodle class activity (which is also a physical activity)

· Gift bags of non-edible items (markers, pencils, stickers, etc.)

· The old standard: Class sings Happy Birthday to the birthday child

Health Assessments
: Physicals for incoming Kindergartners are due by the first day of school. (No exceptions).They must be on the CT Health Assessment form commonly known as a “blue form”. Parents can hand them in as early as March of the previous year. The physical must be done within a year of child entering Kindergarten. For instance, the nurse cannot accept a physical done on August 25th of the previous year but can accept one on September 1st of the previous year.

Physicals are not required again until student is going into Middle school. Forms are available below.  

Heath Assessment Form (Physical)                                                         

Physical forms can also be downloaded from the Board of Education Website under Health Services. Forms do not have to be submitted on blue paper.      

Medication: Students cannot carry any medicine to school at any time. If your child needs medicine at school, please see Mrs. Essig. Medication forms are available below. The nurse cannot give out medicine without a doctor’s order.    

Medical Authorization Form                                                                                                                              

Illness: Please keep your child home from school if they have a fever within 24 hours, vomiting, frequent cough, rash of any kind. Please call the main office if your child will be absent that day. A note is recommended for absences more than 3 days.  A medical note is required if your child needs to be excused from gym for an extended period of time.

More information regarding health services can be found on the NPS website below.
NPS Health Services                                                                                                           

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