Rowayton Elementary School is committed to keeping staff and students safe.  There is single door entry (front door) for any and all visitors to our school.  All visitors must sign in and wear a badge. To speak with your child's teacher in person an appointment will need to be made ahead of time. 

We have monthly school safety meetings to discuss drills and any other necessary items.  In addition, two staff representatives attend district level safety meetings.  Safety initiatives, facility issues impacting safety and school needs are discussed and analyzed.  

There are four standard responses in keeping our school safe:
  • LOCK OUT (Threat or Concern Outside School)
  • LOCK DOWN (Threat or Concern Inside School)
  • EVACUATE (Depart the School Facility in a Rapid but Orderly Manner)
  • SHELTER (Remain in the School Facility, but prepare for Dangerous Weather or Hazmat Spill)

We follow the district required drill calendar.  The more we practice, the better we will be.

Sept:  Evacuation, Lockdown
Oct:     Lockout
Nov:   Shelter (Hazmat)
Dec:   Lockdown
Jan:    Evacuation (Fire) in Cold Weather
Feb:    Evacuation (Bomb Threat)
Mar:    Shelter (Tornado)
April:   Evacuation (Fire)
May:   Lockdown
Jun:    Lockout
July:    Evacuation (Fire), and Lockdown (SUMMER SCHOOL) 

District Safety Coordinator:  Joe Rios
School Safety Coordinator:  Tisha McCoy
School Safety Team:  Sara Reilly, Tisha McCoy, Cornell Abruzzini (School Resource Officer), Tina Saunders, Lisa LaRusso, Dave Liberatore, Tammy Malkin, Barb Essig